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Smart Clothing

Sense. Capture. Destroy.


Whether in our homes, in personal protective equipment (PPE) or in semiconductor clean rooms, the world relies on functional fabrics to remove toxic pollutants from the air we breathe and from the advanced manufacturing processes where the smallest impurity matters. First responders use functional fabrics to protect themselves against chemical threats, increase the effectiveness of wound care, and clean up contaminated waste and accident sites. The integration of NuMat’s programmable chemistry solutions into functional fabrics unlocks a step change in performance for the applications that matter.

Case Study


First responders risk chemical and biological exposure in the field as current protective suits do not destroy threats on contact, risking broader exposure and loss of containment. In partnership with world leading textile and fashion organizations, NuMat is integrating novel chemistries into future wear which have been programmed to sense, capture and destroy threats on demand. For example, this is being applied to develop the U.S. Army’s next generation “smart” uniform, as well as other high-performance applications that require premium protection from biological and chemical agents.

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