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A precision medicine approach to chemistry


Programming chemistry to solve the problems that matter.
Reclaiming air for tomorrow’s generations

Meet Sentinel: a family of next generation materials which can sense and capture toxic industrial chemicals from air.

Sentinel is playing a critical role in advancing next generation Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and air purification systems for the most demanding applications. This includes working with the the defense sector to develop future gas masks and air filtration systems for land, sea and air.

A platform for chemical & biological agent protection

Sense. Capture. Destroy.


We're designing programmable materials that sense, capture and destroy chemical and biological agents. When integrated into wearable platforms or coatings, we provide an intelligent protective layer that decontaminates on demand. In partnership with leading textile and outdoor apparel companies, NuMat is powering the future of “smart” clothing.


Molecular mining of scarce resources

As demand for the raw materials and chemicals to power society is projected to triple over the next several decades, new, sustainable solutions are needed.  From pulling precious metals from seawater to harvesting the rare gases needed to power deep space missions, NuMat is programming chemistry to solve technological challenges for a sustainable future.

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