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Thank you for your interest in NuMat Technologies.

If you have press inquiries or if you’d like to write about us, email media@numat-tech


Founded in 2013

NuMat is a chemistry design company, innovating at the intersection of high-performance computing, data engineering and chemistry to deliver transformational solutions to the chemicals, industrials, electronics and life-science sectors. A pioneer in field of Programmable Chemistries including Metal-Organic Frameworks ("MOFs), NuMat programs materials to uniquely interact with target molecules at the atomic level, and then integrates these materials into next-generation encapsulation, separation and catalytic solutions. NuMat provides a total solutions platform for product commercialization, pairing world-class material discovery software with application development and manufacturing expertise.


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NuMat was founded by a diverse team with expertise in the application of high-performance computing to the design of new materials. Ben Hernandez and Omar K. Farha, Northwestern University colleagues were united by a passion to sustainably improve the human condition through innovations in chemistry, and by the belief that many of our most pressing challenges might just be solved at the smallest possible level. 


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