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As a Process Engineering Intern, you will work closely with the engineering team to develop a range of skills. You will support buildout, operation, and maintenance of research and manufacturing equipment. You will collaborate with a high-energy team of engineers and scientists in a fast-paced environment.



• Improve the workflow of NuMat’s research and manufacturing processes

• Help design and build new analytical tools for the research team

• Help design, install, evaluate, and troubleshoot new process equipment (e.g. reactors,  breakthrough units)

• Help create and streamline Standard Operating Procedures for research equipment, especially  when it involves the formation of MOFs (e.g. granulating, extruding)


• Use reaction kinetics, heat and mass transfer knowledge to scale MOF production 

• Assist in the operation of NuMat’s pilot units

• Assist in the production of MOF material in the pilot plant

• Translate chemical engineering theory to practice

Interns will receive full training and be transitioned to independent projects over the summer period.

When available, paid interns at NuMat have successfully transitioned into full time positions following the completion of undergraduate education.

Individual Characteristics

  • Must be a junior or senior studying chemical engineering.

  • Sophomores demonstrating knowledge in the right coursework will be considered.

  • Comfortable with fluid mechanics, kinetics, heat transfer, and mass transfer, especially as they relate to process units.

  • Comfortable with standard workshop tools.

  • Being comfortable with ASPEN/HYSYS chemical engineering software is a plus.

  • Having previous industry experience is a plus.

  • Self-motivated, confident, and able to work in a fast-paced environment under some supervision.

  • Entrepreneurial, meeting deadlines in a highly-collaborative environment while managing multiple priorities.

  • A passion for learning new skills.

  • Able to collaborate across functional and organizational lines and capable of working with all levels of individuals and cultures.

All work authorizations (U.S. citizen, permanent resident, F-1 student) will be considered for this position.



NuMat Technologies (“NuMat”) is a start-up company innovating at the intersection of high-performance computing, chemistry and advanced manufacturing. NuMat is a recognized pioneer in the field of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) — an emerging class of nanomaterials which can be programmed to uniquely interact with target molecules at the atomic level. NuMat’s expertise lies in the design and integration of MOFs into next-generation storage, separation and purification systems. In doing so, NuMat enables previously unachievable form factors, performance and cost-advantaged production economics in the electronics, life-sciences and energy sectors.

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