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The Future of Electronic Chemical Delivery

Ion implantation is a key process in the fabrication of semiconductors, whereby the flow of electricity is modulated in silicon wafers to make transistors - the building blocks of the chips fueling the devices of tomorrow. To so do, complex and highly toxic electronic chemicals must be handled and precisely implanted in wafers at high voltage - a delicate process. 


ION-X® is a platform for the safe packaging and delivery of electronic chemicals. Integrating atomically-precise chemistries, ION-X® safely stores electronic chemicals sub-atmospherically, and then delivers them to the tool on demand. Used by Tier-1 semiconductor manufacturers globally, ION-X® is manufactured by NuMat and distributed globally by EMD Electronics, a Division of Merck KGaA, a market leader in advanced electronic materials.


✔ Sub-atmospheric storage and delivery of ultra-high purity dopant gases

100% Plug & Play with existing implant machines in the fab

✔ Delivers capacity premium to incumbent products 

✔ Reduced change-outs, downtime and improved cost-of-ownership

✔ Favorable desorption and flow characteristics supporting ease of gas extraction

Learn more about our solutions for next-generation in electronics below.


Distributed exclusively by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany Company.

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