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Emission Free Mobility 

Hydrogen is the Future.

CO2 emissions from the transportation sector are now the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in many parts of the world, including the U.S.. Hydrogen fuel cell technology offers the promise of a zero emissions footprint, but with several drawbacks. Hydrogen molecules are extremely light, requiring high pressure (700 bar, or 300x the pressure of car tires) to densify the energy needed to support vehicle range requirements. High pressure storage drives fuel tank and refueling infrastructure costs, and poses added safety risks.

Case Study


With vast surface areas and ordered pores, MOFs can soak up hydrogen like a bath sponge soaks up water, dramatically reducing the pressure required to densify hydrogen at a fraction of the pressure.  Recent breakthrough’s in material performance (BBC: Bath sponge' breakthrough could boost cleaner cars) are unlocking a path towards a future of emission free mobility. With our partners, NuMat is leading from the front in advancing the energy densification technologies for hydrogen and beyond.

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