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Atomically-precise solutions for the electronics of tomorrow


We discover, purify and package the electronic materials unlocking next generation semiconductor devices.
The future of electronic chemical delivery

Introducing ION-X™a platform for the storage, stabilization and controlled releases of molecules used in critical semiconductor manufacturing process steps (see: Ion Implantation) – improving yields and reducing tool downtime, safely.


ION-X is the first product in the world to integrate Metal-Organic Frameworks (“MOFs”), unlocking a future where gases can approach near liquid densities at sub-atmospheric pressure.

Achieving electronic material purity for sub 10 nanometer devices

One of the biggest hurdles to reaching the next node of semiconductor devices is impurities at the part per billion and trillion level in electronic materials.


Meet Next Nine ™, a molecular design platform for advanced chemistries programmed to remove impurities at the smallest possible level. When integrated into engineered solutions, they unlock the next ninth percent purity of critical process materials such as etchant gases.


Pathfinding electronic materials.

We’re developing atomically precise, self-assembled electronic materials, programmed for specific properties such as surface area or conductivity.


Potential applications include electrochromic “smart glass”, next generation battery materials, nanoparticle encapsulation for quantum dots and solar cell thin films.

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