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What We Believe

NuMat is a Company innovating at the scientific frontier. We believe that impactful discoveries are powered through the creative tension that only diversity of thought and experience can fuel. We’re at our best when our team reflects the diversity of the world we live in, and when individuals are comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work every day. When this happens, each day brings the possibility of great discovery.

Our Approach

We're committed to identifying brilliance in whatever form it may take and wherever it may be. To do so, we work hard to remove bias in the hiring process through state-of-the-art assessment tools and methodologies that seek to understand individuals for who they are and where they can contribute most.


We also understand that brilliant people have choices, and we work hard to cultivate a culture where everyone is challenged to be their best selves. We do this by encouraging creative tension, autonomy and risk-taking - all supported by a team committed to your personal success. 


Finally, we believe in the power of companies to be agents of change, both big and small. We believe in accountability, transparency, and unvarnished truth in facing challenges - whether they be technical in nature, or those of diversity and inclusion. Current state is never good enough and we're committed to constantly improving as an organization and team.  

*87% of team members have STEM degrees. 

Last updated 1/29/2021

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