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Precision Materials for pharmaceutical Separations

The advanced purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) has become increasingly critical due to tightening regulatory standards and the increased demand for the synthesis and scale-up of complex drug molecules.  The existing chemistries used to remove persistent impurities, including metals, are based on either polymeric or silica materials, which are fundamentally limited by their functional group loading capacity and functional structure arrangements.  As a result, process efficiency and selectivity of the purification are greatly hindered, impacting process yield and economics.

Case Study


NuMat partners with global pharmaceutical companies to tailor design novel chemistries for complex separations. One example is the Artemis™ family of materials, which have been designed to precisely remove leached metals impurities from complex drug molecules. Artemis™ materials are precisely designed to be ultra-selective towards desired impurities, while maintaining high drug yields and low extractable levels versus incumbent solutions. Artemis™ can be delivered in either nanoparticle or granulated form in support of downstream process integration and filtration requirements.

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